Wednesday, 19 November 2008

2 Weeks was all I could afford

Starting everything off, I shall "story" about my last 2 weeks working in KHL and 2 weeks prior to my last day there.

The last 2 weeks of working in KHL was pretty much a breeze to me to be honest. No one really gave a damn about what I did and everyone was wishing me well and some were in fake envy. The whole 2 weeks we were working on 3 projects at that time while I was only seriously in charge of 1 which is J4. As I'm in charge of procurement, usually I run errands for Mr. Liew (messiah). The whole week consisted of paperwork and delays from this side and that side. The whole situation was no more different when I was in Megan Avenue working for the HUC project there. The other 2 projects were basically not handled by me as I am, again, the errand boy in that department. On the very last day of work, I didn't have any revelations of any kind. What I really wanted to do was just trying to keep in touch with people and taking their contacts as I will be able to contact them. I love the people in KHL very much but given the situation that I am, I can't give too much to these friendships as I was going really quick.

Quick shoutout to Mr. Liew, Nizam, Chin, Siti, that guy that owns a Harrier and smokes alot, er, my housemate, Ms Chai, Wayne, Trista, the other procurement guy (I'm so bad with names).

But to be honest, the whole experience of working in KHL, came to life on the very last 2 weeks of working there, as I was introduced to my new colleague, Sharon. She was someone from town who has all the chic and flair that I can ever imagine. We discussed alot about a plethora of stuff from work to personal life, but she really gave me an impression that she was different and she was all business. I really really envy what she has. She really showed me was is being beautiful without the looks. Another person that I strucked upon that gave me a big impression was Ms Tham, my company's lawyer. Her definitions of right and wrong were just as clearly defined as black and white. I, envy, very much, this clear definition as I can never emphasise that enough to carry out my objectives. I can never take an example of her, as we are different but this has clearly showed me that it can be done, that I should at least die trying to at least emulate that.

Part 2 coming up shortly. Gonna have to leave for work now :)
Teasers: My experience and woes with my former band, packing my stuff for Liverpool and forgetting a really
important thing, arguments with my family and much more :)

TO DO: Update photos :)

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