Wednesday, 19 November 2008


As I have been pressed a lot lately to update my friends on my own experience or views or any type of words that I could conjure up in my very feeble mind, I've decided to start a blog finally!! For my pilot, I shall brief you on what you will be about to read or not read.

You will find:-
- stories about my life in the UK and also my mini excursions in and out of the country
- stories about me struggling while finding a suitable game to play
- stories about me explaining games and also game theory
- reviews of my favourite movie/music/tv show/restaurant/ etc etc
- my wishes/direct attack to other people

You will not find:-
- me being emo
- advice
- an explanation if you are doubtful of my post or if I'm being hypocritical
- try to be funny (I'm always funny, I'm more of a "refined" taste)

I'll add more when I think of it, but for now,
Please enjoy my pilot

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