Sunday, 7 December 2008

Movie Introductions : Man Bites Dog

Hi, good evening everyone. For my 1st attempt at showing that I have really great taste in movies, I will introduce a movie that I stumbled upon, upon endless surfing of the net in my spare time.

Man Bites Dog is a satirical, Belgian, black comedy mockumentary starring Benoît Poelvoorde. In the film, a crew of filmmakers follow a serial killer, recording his crimes and grotesquely candid commentary for a documentary they are producing. At first dispassionate observers, they find themselves caught up in the increasingly chaotic violence.

Benoit is a charming and charismatic young man who maintains a healthy relationship with his mother, plays the piano and discusses at length whatever comes to mind, be it architecture, philosophy, pigeons or classical music. He is also a serial killer who goes on murderous rampages. A film crew made up of three men join Benoit on his sadistic adventures, recording the sickening actions as a fly on the wall documentary. Benoit takes them to meet his family and friends, while explaining at length the "craft" of his work.

He then ventures into apartment buildings explaining how it is more cost-effective to attack old people than young couples because the former have more cash at home and are easier to kill. In a following scene, he screams wildly at an elderly lady causing her to have a heart attack. As she lays dying, he casually remarks that this method allowed him to spare a bullet. Benoit continues with his candid explanations and his killings, targeting anyone who comes his way: women, children, immigrants and postmen (his favourite victims). He even shoots down his lady friend's partner during his birthday party, when everyone is having dessert.

The camera crew begin to get more and more involved in the murders, first as mere accomplices but eventually taking an active part in them. During filming, two of them are shot, their deaths later called 'occupational hazards' by the crew. The film develops a sympathetic view of the protagonist because, despite his abhorrent killings, he is very witty and, somewhat paradoxically, very likable.

Above text completely copied of Wikipedia.

Downloading this movie as of now, lets hope its not a dissapointer :)


vincent2903 said...

walao, ur taste in movie really shock me... hahaha!!!

2009 got many new movies ler... like transformer, 2012, and terminator... wahhahaha!!!

Walrus said...

follow this blog more often, i guarantee u will even more syiok.... HAHAHAHA, just kidding. enjoy ur stay